Everyone should learn at least one music instrument in their life.

and I decided to learn as many instruments as I can, and it totally change my way of playing drums.

Upcoming Events

IMPROCUSSION - Will Gurthie (Australia/France)

MPROCUSSION (Drum Performance + Improv Percussion Workshop)

鼓樂弄潮 Will Gurthie 今回不插電轉戰原音, 隨手拈來一草一木皆能成器,以最原始的物質踫撞震蕩粒子化成一段段音波敲擊耳窩,並夥拍本地音樂人 Joe Lung 及 Wilson Tsang 就地取材興鼓作樂演出,並於工作坊及分享討論中重新定義甚麼是「鼓」,如何「敲擊」,何為「節奏」。

This Friday! I will be on the drums at Sense 99, play or pray for the best...

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